We Are All in Pursuit of Our Full Potential

“We are all in pursuit of our full potential”


full potential

full potential

I am a lifelong pursuer of my potential. For the past twenty years I have dedicated a large part of my life towards the study of success. As a successologist (I know, not a real word), I have learned that even the most successful among us seldom if ever realize their true, full potential in life.  Instead, we all temporarily accept a level of underachievement for which we can justify and live with. Obviously some levels of underachievement are higher than others but very few if any (no one I have studied) ever reaches their full-potential.
And thank God for that!
Imagine a world  without the constant pursuit of living life to its fullest – there would be no advancement, no purpose or meaning.

As the Managing Editor for GEARS magazine my job is to filter the information from a raw to a refined form. To select what is important, useful and valuable and what is not. Refined information by itself, however, still falls short of its true potential of knowledge transfer – it must also be inspired!

“Information without inspiration is a like a Ferrari without fuel. Nice to sit in and safe, but will take you nowhere.”

And that’s my goal with my training programs – to take the information all around us and build upon the successes of others to inspire change in the lives’ of my clients so that they can continue the pursuit of their full potential.

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